BlackVox for Telephone Answering

BlackVox is an easy to use voice recorder with features specially developed for the Telephone Answering Service Industry.

BlackVox systems have easy search and retrieval features to help operators find client messages quickly and easily.

And redundant system features ensure that important client messages never get lost, even if a system component temporarily fails.

BlackVox integrates with TAS systems from Telescan, Szeto Technologies, and Amtelco to provide superior voice recording in an easy to use format.

In fact, the BlackVox user interface and system features are so easy to learn and use that operators only require a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows to get started.

BlackVox can record up to 96 telephones, radio channels, or other audio outputs with a single cabinet system. For locations requiring more than 96 channels, multiple cabinets network together to form one large seamless system.


BlackVox Features
User Features

Multiple Search Criteria

Searching for a recording is quick and easy using multiple search criteria and saved searches.

User-Friendly Interface

The only prerequisite to operate BlackVox is a general understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Instant Recall

Recordings from the last 30 minutes are displayed for fast and easy playback.


Redundant hard drives and power supplies maintain system performance in the event of component failure.




redundant backup
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